A shot in the arm

Up early, made tea and egg and bacon sandwiches, and had breakfast in bed with Lorraine. Then I sprang off walking down to the Salvation Army hall near the Level, where I got my flu jab. The nurse told me in a stern way -- as the needle went in -- that my surgery need a blood pressure reading from me. An Orwellian moment, that didn't add to my feelings of relaxation. But they mean well. 

Up the hill, bought bread, and then a relaxed day with Lorraine. I did a bit of podcast editing, and otherwise watched a film based on the Green Knight, with Dev Patel in it, which I enjoyed. Enjoying Match of the Day too, with Manchester Utd being schooled by Leicester. Chelsea won away to Brentford in their new stadium, tucked behind Kew Bridge station. I experienced a sense of divided loyalty. A perfect result, 0-1, with Brentford not being humiliated, and Chelsea still top. 

Beth and James were due to come around tonight, but they cancelled due to colds and not wanting to share them. A sore arm tonight, and very happy to be home.