A bit of badinage

A bit of writing, working on poems, and some podcast editing and general admin, plus a decent walk. Feeling run down, and very pleased I am taking it easy this week. But I was out again for another curry this evening. Frances picked me and Rick around the corner up and drove us to Hove Tandoori for a meal with Yvonne, who I had not seen for ages, Jane, Adele, Sally and Ben. The restaurant full and the food pretty decent.  I sat next to Yvonne, who among lots of laughs told me about her breast cancer diagnosis during the lockdowns. Luckily it is gone now, but must go back for yearly check ups. A cheery evening, seeing everyone, with bags of badinage. What a lovely bunch they are. A lift home from Frances and I was back before ninish, in time to have a chat with Toby, who is over soon. I am really looking forward to seeing my bruv again.  

Very touched that Ben gave me this beautiful piece of circular glass, that he had painted with my initial, and the symbol for Libra in it. Gorgeous.