Somewhere over the rainbow

A hobbit's second Monday, having worked yesterday. Already tired. Raining hard off and on, but the outdoors nevertheless a tantalising otherworld with rainbows. I love working at my desk, but only if I can get outside for long periods too. The pitches I've been working on this year beginning to blend into a kind of forever pitch. Today at least the pointless end of day two and a half hour with New York was canned. Nanda is wonderful at her job. It's rare you see someone so good at what they do. She is one of the most creative people I have ever worked with.  Nando, who I am partnered with, is a lovely man, and very easy to work with and we have benefitted from Fernanda's brilliant eye and conceptual flow.

Lorraine home after a parent's evening. Eventually, when it was time to plonk on the gold sofa, realised how lucky I am that for me this job ends on Wednesday. For Lorraine it goes on and on. 

This morning  a double rainbow glimpsed through my window.