My birthday

An enjoyable birthday, not overburdened by the usual existential crises. A busy day. Breakfast with Lorraine, and then an early morning coffee with Beth and Sam who got up too. Gifts of high-quality socks too from Beth, and Sam and Pat and Maureen. Lorraine is going to buy me a camera, and I am going to consult with Innis on a good one to get. I love taking snaps, and it would be nice to have an excellent camera. 

Messages from Toby and a beautiful e-card from Mum. Maureen and Dawn both phoned me to sing happy birthday, and facebook full of nice messages too. A lovely text from Rosie. I took delivery of a box from Fortnum, which contained a small library of beers from Catherine and Tanya. Also a poem and a St. Martin's parish an old magazine on memories the Occupation from Richard and Jane. 

In the evening after Lorraine had returned home with a birthday carrot cake with a candle, and I had put on some high quality socks, Sam, Lorraine and I drove down to the Shahi, where we met Anton, Klaudia and Oskar. More gifts, including some high quality walking socks, a bottle of delicious Linie Aquavit, some glasses to drink it with, and a bottle of woof woof sauce, and a book of Sussex wildflowers. Really enjoyed talking to Oskar and Klaudia. I have excellent godbairns.

Feeling extremely lucky today, and showered with affection.

Otherwise I managed a bit of writing, and have been in touch with Tess Jolly who is going to help me with a prose project. Greg Harvey came by today, to assess the painting that needs to be done in the hall and stairs. Be great to get that done before the carpet people come. 

Below I had time to saunter up to the hill fort this afternoon, where I snapped this red clover and this view.