Another family day

Another family day -- this time off to Kent to see Pat and Maureen, who had invited Lorraine's cousin Maxine, Simon and her sixteen year old twins Tay and Emilia who Lorraine and I had popped in to see close to the Welsh borders in our wee summer jaunt.

Guernsey lilies in Pat and Maureen's front garden. A cheery afternoon, with Lorraine finishing off the cooking of the Sunday lunch, with me doing a bit kitchen portering. Maureen had baked an excellent apple pie for me, because I been a good boy looking after Lorraine. Maureen on sparkling form. Pat bonding with Tay over jigsaws, and teaching him his patented jigsaw method.  Maxine and Simon really nice, and Maxine was talking to Maureen getting a few facts about the family. Her mum, Rose, whose funeral we went to a couple of years ago, was close to Maureen so it did Maxine good to see her aunt.

Not on great photo duty today, and took one of Lorraine, Maxine and Maureen sitting on the sofa which was one of the worst snaps I'd ever taken so it is not reproduced here.

Fond farewells with everyone, and home in the car early evening. Cheerful just to be home for a bit too, after zooming about a bit the last couple of days.

Surprised at how happy seeing these Guernsey lilies made me feel.