Nothing to fret about

Thank God, I managed to sleep a bit last night. Only a few real coughing fits last night. Feeling brighter as a consequence. Lorraine able to get to school today today too. I caught the bus into town, and picked up a prescription. The pharmacist at Ross told me there's a lot of the cough from hell about.

Although it was cold because of the Beast from the East, the sun had some warmth in it. Got a bus back to Fiveways and walked home on the snowy streets just happy to be out and part of the community again. Worked on some poems for a hour or so while my brains were still working. All I want to do at the moment is read and write poems.  

Heard from my French clients, after another prompt from me. They don't hate me, and one of the first ideas I sent them they liked. With nothing else to fret about, I spent the rest of the day able to rest and recover.

Turns out the damage done to Lorraine's car by the person who slid into her will cost more to repair than the car is worth, so it is effectively it is a write off. We are about to get a new car anyway, but Lorraine was going to give her old car to Beth and John. Boo.