Husky Friday

Woke up sounding like Barry White till I lost most of my voice completely. Off to my Glass class, a gorgeous day. Enjoyable, although I felt a bit out of it. Ben being enormously supportive. After my glass course, I walked on to Salvage Cafe in Hove where I met Innis with his big camera for coffee and I bite. I had a hipster's snack of avocado on toast, and we enjoyably discussed various japes and wheezes. Then we went down to the seafront and went our separate ways. I enjoyed soaking up the sunlight.

Then bussed home, spoke to mum. The gossip is that their next door neighbours with the concrete dogs plastic grass and phobias about anything living, are moving out, which is great news for Mum and Mason, as well as the neighbourhood.

Contacted by my Parisienne pals with some animal health work for next week. Usual agency notice period of it being Friday 6pm and the work starting on Monday. But very happy to do it. Reminded by Lorraine when she got home at sevenish that I was also due in to school this Monday to comment on poems, which is a bit tricky but can be done.

Lorraine and I just nipped around to Red Chillies to order a curry. We sloped across  for a cheeky Friday pint in the Park View, then nipped back through the cold to have a small curry and sparkling water. Despite last night's poetical shenanigans, judging by my trousers I have lost weight this week.

A happy night in the warm. Cold and bad weather approaching in a cold snapped dubbed The Beast from The East due next week. Might even bring snow.

Late night news from Jane in Guernsey that she and Guernsey artist Hilary Lemmon have their long-planned book about Guernsey Legends published shortly.

A moment by the sea, by the old West Pier, and the Angel of Peace with the i360 iSore.