Laurels in the rain

A busy day today. Up early with Lorraine and put spade shovel, fork and a watering can and off to her school. We joined a handful of Bolney volunteers and quickly planted 40 laurel bushes along the back fence of the school. This job done, the volunteers left and Lorraine and I then soldiered on in the rain  sweeping leaves and doing a few jobs around the school that Lorraine has no time to do usually.  Then planting children's ten mile an hour please signs along the little lane that leads to the school, this done home to much needed hot drinks and chicken and ham pies I bought at the butchers. 

We walked down into town to delve in two cramped cloth shops full of gorgeous colours for the curtains in our spare room. These cloth shops exhausted, Lorraine suggested we repair to the Basketmakers, where we had a beer and an early dinner. Then we walked to The Duke of York's to see the film The Phantom Thread, which was enjoyably full of silences and significant looks. An interesting character study.

Then we walked home in the rain, and were pleased to be there. A good amount of walking today. My weight, however, seems to be steadily increasing the more I walk.  

Below Lorraine in a cloth shop.