Wery cold

Gah. Bored now. Hacking cough, sore throat and general wanness all still in place. It feels like such a screaming waste of time. I seem to be good for a couple of hours in the morning to do work, but my ability to focus soon ends. Effing cold today for Brighton. Sloped down to buy some bread, and by the time I got home I was a wery cold gentleman, wery cold indeed. The cold makes me want to read Dickens.

Bloke at Choice Cuts was someone who had left. I asked if he was back, but he said he now works in tree surgery. But it was too cold for that this week, so he offered to help out back in the shop. Presumably because he didn't want to be left out on a limb.

I had a salad sandwich for lunch. Watching Precinct 99, an Anton recommendation on Netflix. Quite fun.

Very pleased to see Lorraine get home in one piece. I don't like her having to drive in this weather. She has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, especially when considering all the safety implications of keeping a school open or closed.

We had salad and fish and cous cous for dinner. Nothing complements a Siberian weather front like a nice salad.