Tax, plumbing and estate agents

Tax: doing books as methodically as possible. Made more complicated of course by last year's Natwestisögur screwing up my business bank accounts. Looking at spreadsheets and tracing payments etc. There is something weird in and unloved corner of my brain that enjoys the tidiness of a spreadsheet. But nothing like Beth who positively loves them.

Plumbing: a the dripping towel rail. Young Luke the plumber came around again, said we'd have to replace the valve but he could stop it dripping before tomorrows house viewings. He went away and it commenced dripping again. Much wrangling with the business, but Luke came back and replaced valve and stopped the dripping. Expensive.

Estate agents: conversations off and on during the day. Otherwise tidying for the great viewing onslaught tomorrow. I trained to Seaford and met Lorraine at the station, and we saw two houses late this afternoon. The second one was very nice and ticked all our boxes and we were quite excited about it, discussing it all the way home. 

Chatting with Mum too. And wishing Carl a happy birthday over the inter webs. 

Little work on the horizon other than a smidge of work for Germans next week. Everything gone quiet and I am trying not to get this out of perspective.

Home and a bit more tidying, then Betty came around and Sam collected curries, the containers rapidly bundled into the bin so as not to make the house smell. Nice to hang out with Beth and Sam and eat curries. Then we made our way wearily off to bed as there is lots to do tomorrow.