Fancy cocktails and a fun night out

Lorraine and I happily pottering about in the garden. Rain dotting off and on Bank Holiday weekend style.  I had a gossip with Clem next door. We drove off to the recycling centre to drop off some sacks of garden waste and stack a broken microwave in the microwave area. 

Calliope is barely eating and sleeping lots, despite initially responding well to her medication. I fear she is nearing the end of her story, which is very sad.

I spoke to Mum who was bored, and whose tooth had broken again, but was patched up. She is looking forward to the Tobster coming over. 

Rosie and Innis are both down with Covid. It is rife at the moment. Herd immunity time it seems. Both Lorraine and I are beginning to regain taste and smell now.

Which is good as it was just in time for our delayed family meal to celebrate Loraine's birthday. Sam Lorraine and I met James and Beth in Hotel du Vin where we had some cocktails. Lorraine drank two passion fruit martinis. I had a fancy gin and tonic called four pillars of olive, seven with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of orange, which was rather nice and I followed this up with a Margarita which to me was absolutely delicious. Sam suavely ordering a very dry martini with a twist of lemon. Beth and James drank espresso martini and a Rob Roy. 

Then we sloped off to the nearby Petit Pois restaurant, and had an excellent feed in there with some wine. I had a roast pork belly, and tarte tatin lovely. Lorraine had beef and loved it. A good time had by all. I just loved being out and about. Even as little as a week ago, the prospect of even thinking of going out for the evening seemed impossible. Importantly it gave us an opportunity to dress up and spoil Lorraine a little too. All this and no work tomorrow too! Amazing. 

A taxi home, and watched a bit of Match of the Day, but I was falling asleep and Chelsea were losing.