Brian etc.

Recording bits with Robin and spending a few hours editing the podcast into final shape, and then taking a small but significant first step on getting my accounts ready. Lorraine working from home first thing. Viewing bookings for our open house pouring in today.

Long chat with Mum, and then off in the evening down to The Batty to meet up with Anton, returned from a brief business trip to Spain and sporting an excellent Guernsey jumper he had bought from Le Tricolour on the island. Just lurked about very local pubs gossiping. At one point drifting into the Evening Star where I had a nice pint of stout, despite still being barred from entry and The Lord Nelson, where we had a pint of pilsner made by fine local brewer Harveys. Surprisingly, the pilsner was an affront to the tastebuds, but we struggled one down nevertheless before leaving for home. 

Fond farewells with Anton, then I jumped on a bus and was able to watch a bit of Masterchef on TV with Lorraine, before we sloped off to bed.

Did a photoshoot with Brian in the back garden today.