Whizzing about

Whizzing about today. Lorraine having a girly shopping day with Dawn. I kicked off with a bit of writing, then to the gym where it was incredibly hot and airless. I felt for the poor guy recovering from a stroke, his wife helping him to clamber onto various machines in the humid heat. I sweated more than I have sweated in my entire life. I spoke to the people in LA fitness about it, but they said the a/c is not working.

Home, a much needed shower, then off to see Janet and Ken, and drink tea and snaffle biscuits. Ken has lost some weight and is looking quite trim. Janet fine too, and still managing to press on with her artistic pursuits in fabrics, and collaborations with Huss.

Then to the printers to pick up our wedding invites, then home to have a meeting with the estate agent who is selling The Old Church Hall. Weasel. This done, a quick supper before going to the Battle of Trafalgar to meet the charming young couple who are buying the place in the Twitten.  All fine there.

Then to the Basketmakers for a glass of refreshing lager, with my Lorraine. Met Mark Rodericks outside, with his wife Jane, before walking home and watching a few Frasiers on TV before bed.

Below an amazing portrait of Carl, posted by Carl to his Facebook page, drawn by his daughter Ellie. Just excellent technique, and reminds me of some pencil pictures by Lucian Freud. On this evidence Ellie is full of promise as an artist.