Brighton Moose and the yin and yang of Sundays

A day of good intentions. I went manfully off to the gym, and Lorraine did some circuits around the park on her bicycle. Another incredibly hot and airless affair. I wrote a lengthy complaint note about the  air conditioning which will be fixed next week apparently. Simply not good enough, and leaves me like a limp rag afterwards.

This yang of health and determination completed, the yang was to sit in the afternoon in the garden of the Battle of Trafalgar with Anton in the sun sipping cold lager, prior to having a large and tasty lunch in the Sussex Yeoman. Anton in good spirits and telling Lorraine about his Polish family, which is rather a fascinating story involving escape from Poland and going via many countries, especially India to end up in Blighty.  The meal, and wine successfully engulfed, L and I simply floated home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening dozing peacefully on the gold sofa.

Below I like this backstreet Brighton iPhone snap I took this week of a moose weathervane.