Back on the book

Back at last on the book after some weeks. Took me all morning to pick up the threads again. Vaguely disappointed that a poltergeist has not been hard at work at it, while I've been doing other things.

Chatted to Mum this morning. And also had more correspondence from the lettings agent people. Then to the gym for a workout. Mercifully the air conditioning appears to be at least partially functional now. Had a shower there afterwards, but discovered I'd not brought boxers with me so went commando to Starbucks and worked there drinking a coffee and thinking about the use of sex in advertising while trying not to chafe myself.

Lorraine back on the 5 and 2 diet, so we had steamed veggies, fish and rice. This would have been fine but Lorraine insists on watching the Great British Bake Off which has me craving cakes and breads.