Midnight in Moscow

An unplanned holiday today. Up late this morning, and after a few bits of admin, contacting my solicitor and billing, plus tidying up the place with Lorraine who was working from home before Sonia came, I gave myself to indolence.

Another session at the gym and then bought some salad and cold chicken, before returning home and going back out with Claudia, leaving Lorraine to finish her work.

Claudia and I mooched happily about chatting. For a teenager she is remarkably easy to talk to.   Claudia buying a black Jack Daniels teeshirt, and supervising my purchase of non-idiotic beige shorts at Fat Face, with the unimpeachable reasoning that they would go with everything.  Then, after sorting out her coach ticket, we went down to the seafront where she did the trampolining as requested yesterday.

Lorraine arrived just in time to see her niece catapulted into space. Claudia exhilarated by this, and ready to do some more shopping with Lorraine.  Handing the Finnish teenager baton to Lorraine, who spent the next hour with her looking at dresses and so on. I repaired to a pub and read the paper on my phone.  Then the ladies found me a little later having bought shoes and a blouse. Claudia, already slim and tall added at least six inches to her height by changing into her new shoes and tottered about fashionably.

After an interlude in Boots in a failed search for 'Midnight in Moscow' nail varnish it was time for grub. To La Bella Italia restaurant, where neither Lorraine or I had been before, as Claudia wanted Italian food not having eaten much of it before. A nice meal and good service, especially as Claudia was recovering from a hefty allergic reaction the other week. She has a strong allergic reaction to histamines present in lemons, wine and many other foods such as tomatoes and cheese, making an Italian meal a bit of a challenge. I tucked into squid and a good pepperoni and chilli pizza, followed by a regrettable Godfather sundae, which I couldn't finish. An enjoyable evening, and Claudia had to lie down being so full of chocolate pudding. Watched the wonderful Phoneshop before bed.

Below Claudia gets into the harness, before being being flung into the air.