The smell of freesias

Up early and doing the bloodclaat blood clots, luckily the agency happy with what I had done. Actually found time today to tinker with some poems. L working at home next to me, which is good for many reasons including the fact that Calliope likes to plague me when I am working, and when Lorraine's here the cat picks on her too.
Wrote to the letting agents to accept the reduced terms I'd negotiated, despite this sticking in my craw. I have allowed myself to get stressed and irritated by all this. Seeing the back of it all will be a welcome treat.

Lorraine on her bicycle this evening and then we sauntered off to meet Matt, who was sitting outside The Eagle with Irish Tom and Ken The Eagle's manager.

Lots of chatting with Matt, and a nice evening. We went back to their house where Tom russled up some chicken wraps and bits of lovely food. Matt put on some Ravel and after telling Matt about the Punch and Judy in Swanage, he lent me a CD of the Punch and Judy Opera by Harrison Birtwhistle with many recommendations.

Lorraine and I sloped home. The room downstairs smelling of freesias that my lovely Lorraine had bought me in earlier in the week. Glad to reach the end of the week, and have a bank holiday weekend to look forward to.

Below Calliope helping out on Lorraine's desk.