Reverse burglars

Now in semi-holiday mode, L and I slept in till nineish. I sprang out of bed to work on the book for a few hours, managing some good progress before being swept up by the day. Sonia here this morning, and we are going to her wedding at the weekend.

Then off to the garden centre with Lorraine where she selected lots of plants for Anton's garden having been given a budget. The garden centre just the other side of the Downs really nice, with good plants and bees and butterflies dancing among them. Crammed into the car with them and then off to Anton's place, stealing into his house like reverse burglars, carrying things into the back of the garden. A fun time with Lorraine directing the moving of plants, the planting of plants, shouting at Trotsky the cat for biting plants, and so on. I thought it looked really nice, and Anton, texting later seemed pleased. I wonder how much of it will survive the onslaught of snails and cats, not to mention my lively Godchildren.

Home and a quiet night, eating a rather splendid spaghetti sauce of my own invention, and watching the very funny Phone Shop, as well as the repeat of the first series of Star Trek. Last night was the first show with Klingons. Epic stuff.

Email from Jane in Guernsey, who had just learned to swim sans waterwings. Richard off to buy bubbly to celebrate. Not every day you achieve something like that.