On the fly

A very busy day. Up and hiring a new accountant, sending a copy of A Guernsey Double off to a thoughtful buyer, reading notes from Helen in Germany who has translated Heidegger in the Forest (more on that on the Notebook site soon), popping into the doctor to arrange my yearly blood test, posting a birthday card for Mason, redesigning the wedding invite card as we are having it reprinted for several slightly infuriating reasons.

Then off to London to collect a brief at noon in Tavistock Square about blood thinners. Jotted down the draft of a poem on the train. Then rushed to the meeting with the charming Yazia, and briefly saw a greenish First Matie who has a queasy bug.

Homeward glancing at material on blood thinners. To the bank, then home to re-redesign the invite for a third time before sending it back to the printers, which involved a bout of swearing and bad temper, which was not my finest hour, especially as Lorraine was working next to me. Then back on with my blood thinning work. Ended the day hiring solicitors for the Twitten house transaction.

A skinny supper of steamed veggies, fish and rice, then off to The Caxton for a Stanza Group poetry workshop session. Interesting people there this time, and some useful feedback for the poem I'd taken along. Skinniness undone by a pint of bitter.

Home at 9:30 and watched a couple of soothing episodes of Frasier and read a couple of football related texts from Anton, who is hiding his nervousness about the fortunes of Manchester United in this new season behind a kind of bravado, before Lorraine and I hoofed off to bed. Fullish moon through the velux windows.