Toby heads home

All up early this morning. A house viewing mid morning, and Toby packed and wanting to be at the airport to fend off any booking complications or general travel horrors. Lorraine drove Toby off to the station as there is no point stretching out goodbyes. Sad to see my brother go, but it was great to have spent time hanging out together. Lorraine off up to London to spend a day at the zoo with Betty after we readied the house.

After dealing with a few bits of admin, I went to Starbucks and drank a coffee and worked for a couple of hours, before going to the gym just up the road from there. A reasonably good workout and then home for Miso soup and noodles.

Left to my own devices, I felt unusually demotivated and in a sort of limbo between being on holiday, and wanting to press on with things. The result was that I did little till Lorraine got home in the evening, showing me pictures of penguins, giraffes etc. and a happy Beth. Watched one of the original, but digitally restored, Star Trek episodes. So much better than any of the subsequent series.