Cloud dodging in the sunlight

A beautiful day, the sun tempting through the Velux windows as I sat at the desk writing about blood thinners. Out at lunchtime to sign off the proofs of the invites, walking up the hill of Ditchling Rise talking to Mum, who had to break off after as cat war broke out. This time I am using the printers who did A Guernsey Double, One Digital and I am much happier with the results this time. Plus I know someone who works there which always makes things more human.

Back home and more blood thinning. Feeling oppressed lately by The Cloud Of Things That Must Be Done, such as dealing with lettings agencies, estate agents, property, solicitors, my own freelance business, actual work and so on.

Went to the gym, late afternoon, which is become increasingly addictive and useful. I am feeling fitter these days and my legs are stringier and stronger, and trousers fit lots better.

Lorraine and I went out for a nice walk in the park in the evening. Felt happier strolling about with her looking at giant thistles and so on, than I had done all day. Lorraine made it back to watch the The Great British Bake Off, which I half watched too. Contrived a powerful desire to eat cakes, but we have none. I don't go a bundle on cakes myself, but after watching people make them for an hour you get a mighty craving for a piece of cake. Lorraine waited up to collect Betty from the station, as she had returned home late tonight.