A disturbed night. Betty coughing like a docker. I found some cough syrup and in the middle of the night and gave it to her. I found it hard to get to sleep afterwards. Lorraine snoozing the sleep of the just as usual.

Lorraine working at home but I spent most of the day manacled to my desk writing about blood clots. Blood clots in the morning. Blood clots in the afternoon.

The only respite came for twenty minutes when Lorraine drove us off to collect the wedding invites.

Day rather spoiled by a letter from the letting agency who thanks to a clause (no. 32) in the contract I signed, can charge me for selling my house to the tenants they found for me. Had a large tantrum (Lorraine loves working at home with me at the moment) at the prospect of handing money to people for doing sweet FA especially as I've had indifferent service from them and they've had zero involvement with the sale or negotiation. Weasels.

Lorraine and Betty out at various places so I had a large Frasier fest, as I seem to be watching all the episodes over again. As always, it's like seeing old friends. Betty and Lorraine home, and we stayed up late chatting for some time.