Hungover gardening

Felt harrowed by booze and the late night, as did Lorraine and Max and the FB. Max perhaps the best of us as she went out into the garden to stab murderously, and unsuccessfully, at the mole which has been digging up her lawn. Slow cups of tea and some toast before Lorraine in the right shape for getting us home. Feeling like death warmed over.

Both L and I hungover all day. However after a sleep on the gold sofa, we walked up to Anton's place and worked in his garden for a couple of hours, weeding and digging up the flower beds. Sweaty, back stiffening work which I enjoyed doing. Anton has sensibly outsourced all the flower species decisions to Lorraine, which of course Lorraine is really happy about. Actually very therapeutic to be tidying the garden and Lorraine poring over books of flowers and gardening.

To thank us Anton made some of his fabulous pizzas, on which I gorged in the evening. Anton had invited Dawn too and we had a fun night playing Anton's eclectic collection of records, and eating pizza.

Very tired though, and eventually we drifted downhill to back home. Dawn said I looked good in shorts which is reassuring.