White circus

Lorraine up at six to drive Claudia off to the Coach station. I was more than happy to stay in bed but found I was soon up and getting ready. Lorraine made an appointment to go to the registry office next week. Had to find my divorce papers, and found I didn't seem to have a copy of my Decree Absolute. Envisaged a bureaucratic nightmare but in fact all I had to go to the courts armed with £5 and got a certified copy within five minutes. Simple.

From there off to the gym, where I had a good sweat there feeling virtuous.  Then home for salad. Loraine trying to get all her work completed before her holiday started. In the evening L and I went to the Shahi with Anton, had plain boiled rice and tandoori chicken. Then to Circus Circus, where everyone seemed to be dressed in white, as if they were part of a cricketing cult.

Home and early to bed.