Sam arrives

Saturday and we had a last house viewing before we take L's place off the market necessitating cleaning up on a grand scale this morning. In truth this was mostly done by Lorraine, but I feel I was there in spirit. L and I had slugged in bed till 11 and by the time the cleaning was over, and I had let in the viewer (about 12) and estate agent (about 13) and gone to the gym it was time to storm out into town.

Sam down in Brighton for the evening with Beth and they were standing outside The Basketmakers when L and I arrived. Good to see Sam for the first time in many months. He is looking exceptionally handsome, and was there with his old friend John, who I'd not met before, and is in the RAF. Ate food in the Basketmakers and were soon joined by Matt and John and we drank a good deal. Sam assured everyone that The Basketmakers was the best pub in the world, and he got no arguments on that one. Even had a star spot of the bloke that played Zammo in Grange Hill who was drinking some noisy beers with his pals.

Home late, and Lorraine and Sam deep in conversation. Betty and I stopped off at Ace pizza and fell into conversation with two men who were down with a bunch of lads all staying at a hotel. All the twin bedrooms they had asked for had turned into doubles. This giving rise to a certain amount of jocular banter. I advised the last one to keep his boxers on.

All late to bed.