Veg out

Not a good night. Calliope was trying to drink my water in the night, and so I held it away from her. However I fell asleep holding the glass and drenched my privates in cold water. Got up with a yelp to towel off and had to sleep in a damp bed. Pesky cats.

Up early and made tea for Lorraine and Dawn, before doing a small amount of work. Dawn off early, leaving us a present of green beans. Lorraine now on a holiday, and booked a few days away for us on her iPad in bed. We made off to Sainsbury's, then I went to the gym while Lorraine had a doctor's appointment. A much-needed quiet day and evening. Spoke to Toby, Mum and First Matie on the phone and pleasantly vegged out, drinking water and eating fresh peas and beans and rice and fish. All very healthy.