Into town with Lorraine most of the afternoon, dodging out of the rain into a few clothes shops, having coffee in a new cafe called Berties, buying a card for Pat's 80th next week.

Then on to look at wedding rings. Window shopped for some time then were dragged into one place and shown various rings by a very annoying woman who spoke in a false sing-song voice, and didn't listen to anything we said. I thought it was just me being critical, but Lorraine leant forward in a moment of respite and hissed she's so annoying!

We made our escape. Luckily there are many jewellery shops in the Old Lanes and we found one where a man took us through our options clearly and with some charm.  Lots of decisions to be made about wedding rings, such as their thickness and what they are made of, and what sort of cut they are. Seem to have found a very nice one for Lorraine, and I think I have chosen one for me. While so doing learned about palladium, which is a Russian metal newly classified as hallmarkable in the UK.

All good fun, and a cheerful thing to be doing.

Then back home where we found Betty and Laura. We all went to The Duke of York's picture house where we saw Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. I've always quite liked Steve Coogan. The reviews had been excellent, and I found the film to be pretty funny character driven stuff, with some good one-liners.  

Then to the Shahi with the girls to strap on a fairly restrained (for us) curry nosebag. Lorraine and I watching a couple of Frasiers before bed.