Stair rods

Oh for those sultry days of February... Pouring all day and freezing. Worked all day on implementing edits and rewrites on the The Second Kind of Darkness. This is making big improvements. Still selecting a new name.

Nothing from the London agency, about the work this week. Not a great sign.

Spoke to Anton today, who told me a hilarious story about being locked out of his room at midnight in a Cotswold's pub, where he was staying after a long walk. This followed by lots of hideous creeping about in his boxers, including going outside the pub, and spying someone still working inside, and having to be persuade the unfortunate barmaid to let in.

To the gym at lunchtime in moderate rain, home again in stair rods. Scooped up some nice miso soups from the Japanese shop en route, and home to a hot shower as I was sodden to the skin.

Had a poem accepted for a website called the poetry village. Noticing yet again how having poetry rejections is more negative than acceptances are positive. This is because I think 'of course they should take my work', rather than, 'excellent, they've taken my work'. This is wrongheaded so I will take this humbly and with gratitude.

Listened to a bit more of the audiobook of War of the Worlds while I was cooking tonight. More interesting than I remember it.