Phenomenal Betty

A bit of a blessed lie in this morning. But we got up, went shopping for food, and bought some plants for the garden. Then John arrived, and we drove off to Roedean school. What a wonderful place it is, and how privileged the folks who can get there are. In the theatre Goldman's were having their summer event, which all the children at the stage school get to perform at. Many of the coached by Betty, and James who fleeted by and hugged me. Sarah from Lorraine's school dropped off her daughters Faith and Daisy, Daisy still at L's school, to see the show too. I enjoyed it. There is something quite moving about seeing kids from a very young age up to teenage giving it their all.

Beth had directed a few of the scenes, in what was a compilation of scenes grouped around the idea of history. Her last one featuring the girls in a spoken piece called Phenomenal Women, which was rather excellent. Betty phenomenal yet again.

John and I were taken by Sarah and Dan (Faith and Daisy's parents) down into Brighton. John and I skipped out and had a couple of beers and some food in The Basketmakers. A good chat with him, and hearing a full account of the horrors of yesterday which included a six plus hour wait for help, as recovery vehicles wouldn't come for them because they were in a free recovery zone, but the free recovery zone folks denied responsibility and so on. Painful.

Walked home then and planted the lavender and some flowering plants we had bought earlier. Lorraine then home having chaperoned for the second house, to watch Things we do in the shadows, TV series, which is funny.