Mobile again

Much improved, and moving like a bipedal human. A gingerish walk around Blaker's park mid morning, where there were a few painters with their easels. This afternoon up to Hollingbury Hillfort, nipping across some of the golf links, glowering clouds to the north, blue sky to the south. In other news, not much really other than progressing through the edits of the children's book. It is a real education reviewing what Charlotte has pointed to, there are a small amount of bad habits that I have, which are invisible to me, but now they have been pointed out, scream from the page. I am learning lots about my own faults and how to correct them. Exceedingly useful, although a bit alarming that these faults have been there for so long undetected in my prose style.

Below painters in Blaker's Park, the hump showing the raise of the ring of the hill fort overlooking the golf course and down to the sea. Those old iron age folks certainly had a good view, and two black and white snaps. One a path inside the hill fort and the other the road at the top of Hollingbury, leading into clouds.

Lorraine went to Beth's tonight to discuss a new diet regime that they are going to start next week. I grilled mackerel on her return.