Quite a busy day for us on a Saturday. A gorgeous day, so we had breakfast (Lorraine counting the calories) in bed and then sat in the back garden. Lorraine lying on her lounger for the first time this year. In the afternoon, Lorraine had bought us tickets to go to a big tent in Preston Park, the Brighton Comedy Garden. Obviously nowhere better to be than in a big tent on a wonderful sunny day.

Three excellent comedians, Brighton based Zoe Lyons, the ventriloquist Nina Conti, who we have seen before and like lots, Sarah Pascoe, below. All three were excellent.  Zoe Lyons playing to a home crowd, and Lorraine particularly loving Nina Conti. I liked Sarah Pascoe's almost losing it scattiness. The host was Ivo Graham. There were two breaks, so we could nip out into the impromptu village that had sprung up and buy cans of Red Stripe lager. Great to be able to walk home with the sun still high in the sky.

We returned home, then popped next door to a little barbecue party. Slightly apprehensive about this, but I ended up enjoying talking to some interesting and intelligent, people. A woman from China, who did a PhD in linguistics in the UK, and got married to an Englishman, and Philippa's dad, who was a writer, and had worked in journalism, travelling lots in Africa.