Ice moon

I got out of the wrong side of the bed today. Waking, I stretched in bed, and something gave in my lower back before I'd even opened my eyes. I spent the rest of the day hunched and hobbling, with plans to go to the gym thwarted and feeling slightly at a low ebb.

Working on the hundreds of tiny editorial changes to the children's book. With any luck I will be done this week. Now there is only the matter of choosing a shorter name for it, and sorting out the cover. There are definitely few good bits in it I think. Spoke to Mum, and otherwise all quiet today, till Lorraine arrived home, by which time I had watched two of the Planets documentaries with Brian Cox, about Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter wandered about the solar system lots before settling into its current orbit. Saturn's small ice moon Enceladus is fascinating, with liquid salt water beneath the ice and thought to have the building block minerals for life.

A relaxed evening with Lorraine watching series three of Fargo. Only a couple of episodes to go before a Fargo-less life.