Brian Scrobbled

An early appointment at the vet's office. Brian melted away into the back garden's refusing to come when called just as we were due to leave. Lorraine drove me with a yowling Calliope to the vet's and came home again, and managed to scrobble Brian who was fooled into returning back indoors again, but not without sustaining a scratched arm. Calliope meanwhile simply sat on my lap in the waiting room. Calliope has lost a little bit of weight, but the gentle vet seemed unconcerned. Brian is a bit heavier than the last time they were weighed, as he was ill that time. Both were deemed okay though.

Home to scrambled eggs on toast.  Later Lorraine went to the hairdresser and I went to the gym, but feeling distinctly underpowered. Had to stop suddenly after about 25 minutes pushing it on the cross trainer as I had a moment's stabbing pain at the base of my throat. Obviously I catastrophised but the loud burp I gave a few minutes later suggested it was indigestion. Now raining again, I walked from to the hairdresser to collect Lorraine, emerging with smart and straightened hair. We found Lorraine's car, then drove to Pets at Home to buy cat food. Looking at the guinea pigs there, and remembering that Toby and I had two of them when we lived in the flat in Neasden. Frances and Brownie, two girls guineas. Then they had lots of babies.

In the evening we went out to Semolina with Penny and Steve. A really nice meal. Lorraine and I had rabbit, which put a spring in our steps. Penny said to let her know when I kindle the kids book.