Editing and counting

Having to resist the urge to rush the editing, an impulse which I now recognise as having a whiff of self sabotage about it. Went for a longish walk this afternoon up around Hollingbury Hillfort, listening to the Kermode and Mayo podcast, talking lots about Toy Story 4. I put sun cream on, as it was a sunny day, with a brisk cooling wind. Across the Channel they are battling with unprecedented heat, luckily only pleasantly warm here.

Otherwise obsessionally calorie counting. This is working well for me, and I am finding it easy to stay within my allotted daily intake and my clothes are beginning to feel better on me. Nice to be making progress. Making a salad tonight, and having to account for every bit that went into it. Turning eating into a data gathering exercise. Falling hungrily on it, with a slither of grilled salmon and a small portion of couscous, and strawberries. All good stuff.

Below a couple of snaps. The van has been there for ages, a casualty of a parking conflict in a beautiful leafy street. More black and white stuff. Photographs I take in woods always look rubbish. Perhaps black and white is the answer.