A cornfield

Lorraine having to work on end of year reports today, I pottered about doing my own bits even starting a new poem which I had not done for months. Fresher and more like English temperatures today, although it was a gorgeous day. Late afternoon Innis and Rosie called around in their mini and took us up to the upper bits of Stanmer Park, for a second day with a gorgeous walk among trees with Pippi the dog bouncing about like an ebullient lamb. Nice chatting with Innis and observing what a proper photographer looks at when he's stalking about armed with a camera. Came to the edge of a big cornfield at one point, and we all loved the wind moving in it like waves in the sea.

Home again and a quick drink in the Park View. I had a gin and slimline tonic, the booze of the more slender gentleman. Fond farewells with Innis and Rosie, and then to the kitchen. Lorraine has bought a hairy bikers cookbook, which has the hairy bikers in it holding out the waistbands of their trousers, for it was all about diets. A low calorie chicken jalfrezi made by my lovely wife, which felt like a feast after the salad days.

Watched a bit of 'Glasto' on TV, The Cure's performance. Their early song A Forest, has a weird dark power to it and is still my favourite.

Below Shadowing Innis to photograph Lorraine and Rosie and Pippi, and the cornfield, which seemed to call for black and white, which I increasingly like.