A calm start with a short meditation from my Plum Village App.  Recommended to Lorraine by Sian, and is the best one of its kind I've encountered, free and full of lovely meditations that I've only just started working through.

The morning spent completing the first draft of a website about parasites. At lunchtime I sent it to  mes amis and made off to the gym. Learning about Resucsi Anne and L'Inconnue, which was mentioned in a horror podcast. Fascinating. Apparently the face used in resuscitation mannequins is that of an unknown girl fished out of the Seine in the 19th Century. Although the BBC article I have linked to, questions just how preserved the face looks.

Home again, and I did some admin, wrote a review of Keyhole (a collection of short stories I'd highly recommend), arranged to meet Helen to discuss the Centaur, and spoke to Mum who had been out in London.

Watched part one of a BBC documentary series about Thatcher. Funny to see times you clearly remember being the subject of history documentaries. Meanwhile the disgusting Trump is in the UK. Talk of this criminal getting control of the NHS in some new post Brexit deal with America beggars belief. Can't wait for Trump to become a history documentary.

Below L'inconnue.