It all counts

Lorraine and I still into our calorie counting phase. I am actually enjoying this, it feels like taking control, and I've not noticed feeling hungry during the day. Mainly this taking control is about omitting sneaky snacks which slip under the radar of the day.

Otherwise I pottered about first thing, doing laundry, planting some plants in the garden, etc. before I got started at 9:30ish, which is late for me. Worked on the eternal children's book, having slightly reordered the last chapter on the editor's advice. She was right. Now forcing myself to go through and have absolute bloody final sweep throughs, especially on the hunt for overly-duplicated words in chapters.

To the gym after lunch for a trundle on the cross trainer. Still have a bit of back gyp so left it at that. Still nicely sweaty though after half an hour. The day forecast as warm and sunny, was actually cool with spots of drizzle. Europe, meanwhile is bracing for a terrible heatwave.

It is sad how disengaged I am from events in the outside world I have become. All my life I have listened avidly to the news and current affairs. I can't bring myself to engage much with the looming prospect of Boris Johnson as PM, who can only add a clowning Nero fiddle to the Titanic's orchestra.

Some work to attend to from the French agency this afternoon. I had been a bit nervous that the ideas I had sent them last time hadn't gone down to well, but they had used much of what I had sent them in their final client presentation, so I felt better about this.

Spoke to Mum, whose 33rd wedding anniversary it was today. She and Mas were going out to celebrate in a restaurant.

Lorraine came home and prepared a salad which we ate with a chicken breast, and then spent five minutes loading what we had just eaten onto our phones.