Grass and almonds

Once downstairs, Calliope crept through he catflap yowling, then made an exhibition of vomiting grass. Having cleaned this up, I poured a generous splash of almond milk onto a carefully measured bowl of muesli, to which I had an allergic reaction (this being my first carton of almond milk). My lips and mouth and throat tingled weirdly and my stomach soon felt fiery. Naturally, I pictured my stiffening corpse being found my Sonia this afternoon, having died of anaphylactic shock. Couldn't help thinking that my dæmon Calliope's actions had been a precursor.

All this not conducive to writing and editing, so I found things to do around the house until it became clear that I would survive. Spoke to Lorraine mid morning, which of course helped and helped me simply pick up the threads, do some writing, have a haircut and go to the gym.

Lorraine home, and we ate in the sun on our terrace and drank a gin and slimline tonic. A beverage that is a boon to slimmers, and played a bit of scrabble before we both got tired and slumped indoors, bracing for tomorrow's heatwave borrowed from the continent.