Longest day

Working hard this morning editing, still. Now working through the editor's more general comments, leading to another outbreak of tweaking the copy. Chats today with Tom, knackered after a roundtrip to Venice, and arriving after one to go to bed, and Sonia, back from another sojourn in Bulgaria. I slipped off and went to the gym, which is about to replace its air conditioning at long last. Sweated lots and then mooched home, showered and called Mum, who was getting ready to go out with Mas. Lorraine home early (for her) and we sauntered down to the Park View for a beer, and to meet Betty. Had a bite there, discussing food and the new regime Beth and Lorraine are about to start, which I will piggy back onto. Back home, and we sat outside in our garden for a bit, the longest day today, and this made me remember Toby and I being taken by Mum and Gerald in the middle of the night down to Stonehenge for the dawn of the summer solstice some time in the seventies. I remember it being misty, and full of hippies, with tops of cows islanded in the mist and flute players walking towards the stones.

Nice to see Betty, who bused home. She and John are very excited about the summer holidays.

Loving exploring King Crimson's early albums on Spotify.