Beer with Ben

Weighed myself to discover I had lost a noticeable amount of lard. Spent the morning thinking about cover designs and editing. Broke off for a long lunch watching the final episode of The Planets, about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and then going to the gym. Not enough detail about the planets, and lots of time wasted on Brian Cox explaining simple things very slowly in exotic locations.

Bumped into Philippa next door, who had an electric scooter and had been going around the cycle track in the park with it. She said she didn't get on with wheels.

Home after the gym I worked till seven on edits.

Kept my food lowish today, and went to the gym, so was able to go out and have a couple of pints with Ben tonight, after feeding Lorraine who arrived home hangrily. 

Really good to see Ben in the Park View and to talk about life, glass and generally have a laugh. He was talking at one stage about Transhumanism, about which I know next to nowt. He also showed me some interesting glass pieces he had been working on too, and we discussed the glass show in Rottingdean Lorraine and I had been to, which he had also seen.