Edited version

A cold and rainy day. I had a minor sinus/ears/throat/headache thing going on, felt wussy when I woke up. However worked all day, having received the text of The Second Kind of Darkness from Charlotte Norman, the editor. Hundreds of wee changes in the copy edit,  plus she made a few thoughtful suggestions about bringing the story into better focus. Really helpful, to get a fresh perspective. Her changes were very helpful.

I decided that the title is too long, before I sent it to Charlotte. Now before I brief a cover designer, I need to think of a snappier name.

Freelance job working with Keith to be confirmed for next week, and just a cheeky three-dayer if it does, starting midweek.

 Sonia arrived with a bashed face, arms and knees. She quickly told me this was after falling nastily a few doors from her house, while starting an early morning bike ride at the weekend. Typical of Sonia, she laughed lots while telling me how she had literally crawled back covered in blood, after lying dazed in the road. It give Barry a hideous shock at the start of the day.

Biffed going to see John's band tonight, as I felt a bit shattered. Instead I hopped out to get some curry, and we watched episodes of the second series of Fargo under blankets on the sofa with the cats till bedtime.