Happy Monday

Up early and working for my pals in Paris all day. Phoned by the solicitor for Janet's estate to confirm  my bank account details, meaning I will receive the small legacy from Janet shortly. Bastards will bill me £48 for making that call, and doing the online bank transfer. Still it means I can pay Mum back money I borrowed from her, due to having to turn away work while taking care of Janet and Ken, and also pay for our flights to Sicily. All excellent. The folks I was working with last week asked me to resubmit the timesheet I had uploaded onto Yuno Juno, as it had the wrong branding. This took a while to work out.

Otherwise a fine and sunny day, into which I plunged for two quick walks during the course of the day, and then a long amble in the park after work was done to get me to my daily 10k. The park full of people playing games, and sitting about as it was the first nice day in ages.

Home just as Lorraine was arriving, I made salad and stuck some fishcakes into the oven while Lorraine pruned the rosebush outside.

Below the Tobster's birthday today. Here is a lovely photo he sent of him and Romy at a swanky Toronto restaurant, with the CN tower and the lake in the background. Both of them looking great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them.