Long slog

Woke up at around four thinking how unbelievably hard the rain was, and then hearing it double. A deluge, and the day muggy.

The day spent, counting calories and trying not to feel too frustrated at how slowly I am progressing through the editing of this children's story. In my own mind, this was supposed to be a quick win, not a long slog. Still, I want it to be as best I can make it.

An interlude this afternoon, walking into town this afternoon to have a coffee with Chris Williams. He had cycled to Paris found the journey beautiful, the landscape along the river north of Paris he described as jungly. I walked back via Boots and Sainsburys, and Blaker's Park to make sure I did my 10k paces. Felt a bit hangry tonight, before Lorraine and I ate.  Otherwise all good. I think this calorie counting malarkey suits me.  Lorraine is fully committed too.

Below a complicated rose in Preston Park.