Green glimpses

For some reason, a very poor night's sleep. More rain overnight, and drizzling again today. Had toast with Mum and Mas. Then walked down to Edgware with the intention of getting the tube to Mornington Crescent but there was a bus to Mill Hill instead, so I jumped on that and was able to get to work with no claustrophobia. Bought a cup of tea on the platform of Mill Hill, and had such cheery banter with the two women there that it got the day off to a good start. Contacted by mes amis in Paris, so I have work next week too now from home. Good news.

Worked on stuff all day with Keith, and I went for another walk today, this time heading straight for Regents park. Seem to need these green glimpses. After work walked back to St Pancras thinking about Andros, as I am working close to the church where I attended his funeral service. The trains are much better than they have been for a year or so, more frequent and they stop at Preston Park again.

Walked up the hill, but only as far as The Park View, where I met Lorraine. We had two fish pies with greens, which was nice, and a pint before coming home. To bed early.

A bit of green in Regent's Park.