Up to Edgware

Up to Edgware today in the car to see Mum and Mas, armed with the Christmas present for Mas that we left behind last time we were up there, and some planted bulbs from Miss Mole's Flower Emporium for Mum. Sleety rain on the way, but we made it in good time listening to the Mayo & Kermode film podcast.

We scooped up Mum and Mas and Lorraine drove us to Radlett and we ended up at the Va Penserio Italian restaurant and sat at a round table with red lights, looking out on a chilly street, an old Roman road. A pleasant Italian meal. Perhaps it was because it was the Roman ghosts scowling down on them. Back to Mum's with Mason talking about a beach that he went to when he was a child in California which was strewn with gemstones. We had tea and sat by the fire for a bit, but with an eye to the lowering sky Lorraine and I made off early back to Brighton.

Luckily we drove home with no trouble, or inclement weather and found Beth at home on the sofa. Another episode of Spiral tonight, before bed and reading a few more chapters of Kokoro.