A serene Saturday

After a gentle morning, Lorraine and I spent the day happily rearranging the CD collection, and weeding out the few duplicates in our collections. This must mean we are fully married. Our CDs have commingled, and become alphabetised in three groups: Jazz (L: 'so I'll know what to avoid') Classical and The Rest, and of course listening to a few of them along the way.

I broke off from this for a couple of hours to hobble down to the nearby Preston Park Tavern to meet Anton and heroically sip tomato juice. Actually, with a spot of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce this makes a perfectly tasty and satisfying drink and as I am off all species of alcohol at the moment may become my drink of choice for a while. Anton in cheery mood, and fun to be able to shoot the breeze.

A cozy night in for Lorraine and I, watching the recent movie. Saving Mr Banks about the making of Mary Poppins, and the relationship had by a prickly P.L.Travers (the author of the Mary Poppins books) with Walt Disney and his studio.  Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks in it, and both highly watchable.