Sheer productivity

Much better sleep last night, and as Lorraine was up and off early I was too. Spent the day closeted in my office, which I love. I kept looking outside thinking I must go for a walk, but the short interludes of strong sun were overwhelmed by rain and hail and so on.

Worked on a poem first thing, finalised some first materials for Helen Russell which I sent her about our music project. This involved another close reading of the story The Centaur by Jose Saramago.

This sent I read an interview Robin had done for a magazine before she sent it back to them. Received news about a new agency and have been invited to its inaugural meeting in a few weeks. I also heard from Chiara Beebe who sent me a sound file with a good recording of A Return to Sarnia on it - and the day rounded off by receiving notice of a fair and positive review of The Nightwork here in London Grip.

Also spoke to Mum and Anton during the day. Beth had a day off and we ate noodles together for lunch on the gold sofa. She also cooked for Lorraine and I despite going out with her pal Laura this evening. Lorraine home at a reasonable time tonight, and we sat listening to podcasts, and watched a Foyles War episode.