Schnitzel burgers, a Guernsey poem, French cops and a Japanese novel

After a spot of swine health work first thing (swinewriting), continued to work through my giant list. Sending more poetry out into the world. Chuffed this evening to get an acceptance from Ink Sweat and Tears, which will appear in about ten weeks. No doubt I will be trumpeting it like the worst kind of popinjay. The editor Helen Ivory has chosen Hooked, from A Guernsey Double as they don't mind if the work has been previously published. 

Bloody cold day and the wind whistling in my study as I spoke to Mum on Face Time. Black smuts falling down the chimney into the study too. I also spoke to Janet who has been released back into the wild after her operation on Monday, and she is at home and pleased to be there.

Lorraine home early and we went down to the dungeon where there is an ill fitting window frame, which we had tried to block off. Lorraine more efficient in the dungeon as she can stand up down there, whereas I have to stand with my neck at ninety degrees.

Beth and John celebrating one year of being together today, with the cooking of a large Beef Wellington to be eaten romantically at home. Beth very exacting about it, ordering chicken livers and beef from the butchers around the corner. Lorraine and I absented ourselves to the Preston Park Tavern where my lovely wife enjoyed a trio of lamb, and I had a schnitzel burger - chiefly because I liked saying it so much. Pretty good too, dressed with a little cheesy macaroni, jalapenos, salad and so on. Nice to get out of the house with Lorraine despite the icy wind and sit chatting in our comfortable, new local boozer. Though I sensibly nursed only a solitary glass of lager.

Home, and as the others had made themselves scarce, we watched les flics of Spiral again, which Lorraine is loving. Then to bed. I am reading Lorraine Kokoro, by Natsume Soseki, a Japanese classic from 1914 which lends itself to being read aloud at night as each chapter is a mere two pages long.