In the way of beauty

Sans list, not so effective today at the work stuff. However, I did manage to get my first invoice of the year out, and first as Peter Kenny The Writer Ltd. Not before time.

Off to the back crackers. This, said the surprisingly robust Amy, is called the bear hug in America, proceeding to fold my arms then bounce on my chest with her fist behind my back. I think this was therapeutic reasons.  Anyway the ghastly pain of the beginning of the year has abated.

After a spot of this off to The Dorset pub to meet Anton who'd consented to come to the cinema to see Wild. Lorraine and Rosie found us there and we sauntered across the road. Quite a good movie, with Reece Witherspoon trekking the Pacific Crest Trail of America through deserts and snow and so on in search of some inner peace, or 'to put yourself in the way of beauty'. Scenic and lovely film, though not mawkish or overly sentimental. The character's mother, seen only in flashback, was played by Laura Dern who is a fabulous actor.

Afterwards a bit of a traipse around town to find somewhere to eat. Everywhere packed, with it being the first payday of the year. After unsuccessfully looking in half a dozen places, we returned next door to where we started, grabbed a bite in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Ainsley, Beth's pal was working there, so gave Lorraine and I a discount. An absolute bloody final drink in The Pond, a rather bizarre pub, where Lorraine and Rosie who were at the bar found admirers. A fast drink in there, then back to the station, Anton sloped up the hill and Rosie, Lorraine and I taxied home, where Lorraine insisted on watching another episode of Spiral before we crept off to bed.

Below a Wild movie poster, and the Brighton Wheel snapped on the way to the Back Crackers.