The purple skies of Monday

Felt very Mondayish this morning. Up and wrote a surprisingly long list of things I absolutely needed to do this week. Lorraine also working at home for the first few hours. I worked my way through the list, spending some time on advertising concepts, and having another conversation with Royal Mail who needed some persuasion to extend my so-called 'mail forwarding' for free. Cheeky sods.

Took a walk up the hill, as I am still exploring the reaches of my new manor, as the sun was setting. Glimpses through the houses of a gorgeous pink and purple sunset over the Downs, the town below and the sea beyond. But cold too. After half an hour or so I turned back to the Dreamies-seeking cats.

Lorraine and I making mind maps tonight about her career options. Mind maps are just a great invention. I wish I'd used them while I was at school and university. I suspect most people's brains, when faced with a problem have many simultaneous responses. If only as a student I had simply got them all down rather than killed the majority off and attempted straight line thinking instead.

After this was done we watched Spiral, which is about tired-looking French people shrugging a lot. There is also a sprinking of murders, dumped corpses etc. Lorraine likes this kind of thing.

People in Spiral.